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{ Monthly Archives } October 2002

Other Voices

Ok. So it always seems strange to me that in a world that’s so overloaded with media and information only a few – a handful, really – of messages actually get through at any given time. No matter how many newspapers and TV news programs and talk radio shows there are – you’re still getting […]


Good things about Tuesday: 1) It’s not Monday. 2) Only 3 days away from Friday. 3) Buffy’s on at 7. Bad things about Tuesday: 1) It’s not Friday. 2) Or Saturday. 3) It begins a 6-day stretch of non-Buffy nights.

Run, Courtney, Run!

Yay! Courtney, marathoner extraordinaire, finishes her first marathon ever in a remarkable under 5 hours! Courtney looked great the whole time. The night before, after doing a little strength-training with Kelly’s ancient cell phone, we watched a ritual film and branded Courtney in preparation for her run. Even Carole Ann was impressed. Oh, and there […]


oh my God. It’s 6:18am. I’ve been up for 1/2 hour already (after being up until 1:30am making preparations for today). There is just not enough coffee to make this better. The wind chill factor outside right now is in the 30s. Ow. And soon we will have to take our sad little butts directly […]

A Foggy Day in…Not Londontown

It’s foggy. Well, foggy-ish. Typical Saturday thus far – intentions to get up early and go to the gym for a while. Reality – smack snooze alarm several times and fail to get up until the cat mafia makes me an offer I can’t refuse…i.e., to get them breakfast. Still, so far so good. Kitty’s […]

Post or die

I am told that if I just post more then my right-side columns will align themselves appropriately. So I’m posting more. For those of you who don’t know, the 25th Annual Chicago Marathon is this weekend on the 13th. If you’re in Chicago, and frankly, even if you’re not, you should come out and cheer […]

No One Said There Would Be A Test…

Moveable Type blog, take one… I’m now blogging over my head. Don’t know much about cgi, don’t know much about xml… but I’m determined to learn. Got to look out for that next career, you know. I’m all for any career that doesn’t require me to wear a suit or practice law on a regular […]