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Spam and Eggs

Announcement: If you have commented in the past couple of weeks and your comment hasn’t shown up, it may be because it has been caught in the blog spam filter and I have just deleted it. Why? Because the blog has been slammed recently by spammers – to the tune of 500+ spam comments per […]

We loves us some lyrics

In celebration of our addiction to lyrics, please note the random lyric (and quote) generator on the sidebar. It should generate a new one each time you re-load the page. Enjoy!

Oh yeah…also…

Switched templates for the blog. Was getting a little tired of the last design – kind of too much in your face, if you know what I mean. Think we’ll go with this more subtle theme for a while. Yay for free WordPress themes! This one is “Golden Grey” by William Pramana.

New kid(s) on the block

A big welcome to Collene, Carla, and Angie who join the blogging world this week with the creation of Wordsmifs!! Yay! Welcome and happy blogging!

GBBII! Crew + You = Whoo hoo!

If all goes well at work that week, I’ll be there – join us! Should be a great time and a great way to meet some fun, new people. How can you refuse?


You may have noticed that the blog is missing a couple of days. That’s because we moved the site to a new host last night and ended up using a data backup that wasn’t absolutely current. Oh well. Only a couple of days lost. No biggie. We’re also still in the process of moving data […]


Where we get our chuckle on these days. Enjoy. Crazy funny re-caps of Being Bobby Brown. No, seriously – almost better than the hi-larious spectacle of Whitney at the spa with a gazillion children. Speaking of which: Bobby himself. And his poor, victimized daughter. And krazee Whitney. And long-suffering Tommy. You Can’t Make It Up. […]

You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore

Yeah. I know. We don’t really blog anymore. No, no. No, we’re not seeing other blogs. Of course we still love you. Seriously. You’re too cute not to love. It’s just…well, we’re busy. Doing what? Doing, um, stuff. You know, work stuff, music stuff, summer stuff. Blogging is really more of a Fall/Winter/Spring activity, don’t […]

Holding Pattern

We are in a holding pattern right now due to work overload and moving chaos. But we’ll be back! Dammit!

Goodbye Tag Board

The Tag Board is dead. Long live the…well, actually, the tag board is just dead. No replacement. Poor tag board – it was growing increasingly unstable and was a drag on site load time. Also, it seemed to be attracting spammers. And so we bid it a fond farewell.