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I’d Walk Through the Snow Barefoot

Click here for a recap of this weekend’s activities. [kd lang lyrics = 1]

Mrs. Madrigal’s Home for Unwed Mothers

Recent telephone conversations with Mrs. Madrigal: One. MM: Honey, the man from across the alley said the gate was open and Sadie got out of the yard and he had to put her back inside. Me: Um, ok. Glad to hear she’s safe. MM: Honey, when you have someone over who doesn’t speak English you […]

Ice Ice Baby

Nice warm pajamas – $60. Wooly blankets – $120. Sleeping bag – $180. Fleece hat – $15. 30°F temperature inside the house – Free. Being able to re-create the feeling of sleeping outside at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival – but without the incessant drumming – priceless!

Oh Baby You’ll Freeze [in] There

Mrs. Madrigal’s furnace is broken. She paid some unnamed “furnace man” to put in a new furnace, which he did. But it’s the wrong size. And he turned off the gas when he was at the house and never turned it back on – thus leaving us with no hot water for a few days. […]

On This Haunted Ground I Was Lost and Found

And now, a scene from the never-ending Cinema of the Absurd that is my house. FADE IN: INT. FOYER OF MRS. MADRIGAL’S HOUSE. LAST NIGHT. The doorbell is ringing. A YOUNG WOMAN stands on the doorstep clutching a small dog. I open the door. YOUNG WOMAN Is this your dog? I found it running around […]

You Can Shatter Glass With Your Heart of Stone

In the words of Winnie the Pooh, “Oh the wind is lashing lustily/And the trees are thrashing thrustily/And the leaves are rustling gustily/So it’s rather safe to say/That it seems that it may turn out to be/It feels that it will undoubtedly/It looks like a rather blustery day, today.” Perfect weather for some more Tales […]

she lives in my soul, drinks of my wine

You know what would warm up a cold day? A story about Mrs. Madrigal! Miranda, any recent anecdotes? ___________________ Why, Courtney, funny you should ask! You know, right after you dropped me off last night – around 11:30pm – I came into the foyer of the house, the light at the top of the stairs […]

Drunk Again

For those of you keeping track at home…I received a call from Mrs. Madrigal last night: “Miranda! Thish ish Mary…Mary…Can you close the door to the yard? I’m jush a messssh…Thank you, honey…” At this rate, Mrs. Madrigal will be taking her next vacation at Betty Ford.

The Whiskey Ain’t Workin’ Anymore

Stumbled home from T’s last night, er, this morning, to find a voice mail from Mrs. Madrigal waiting for me: Ladies! For the first time in a long while, I’m too drunk to go down and close the door to the yard. So if you’re around and can do that…well, I’m too drunk and my […]

Mrs. Madrigal Is Missing

Welcome to another installment of Life With Mrs. Madrigal. Today’s adventure starts out where last week’s adventure began: with me, home alone, trying to enjoy a little peace and quiet. This time, however, instead of hearing the sound of running water, I heard the doorbell and frantic knocking. When I opened the front door, a […]